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Will plays Soldier #2 in Disney's THE LONE RANGER directed by Oscar winner Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

2014 projects include the new HBO series, TRUE DETECTIVES, starring Oscar Winner, Matthew McConaughey and co-starring Woody Harrelson.   

Will was featured in Season 1 & 2 of the Fox Digital series SUIT UP, playing Ben the Direct TV Rep.  He helps save the Glory University Knights football and basketball programs from the death penalty being imposed by the NCAA.  Watch all 8 episodes and like them on Facebook now! 

On DVD catch Will's performance in THE LAST RIDE about the final days of Hank Williams Sr.
(Jennifer Pierce and Will as "Leroy" pictured above)

Will's guest starring roles in TV include CBS's COMMON LAW on USA Network and go online at aetv.com for the episode "SEALd Fate" of A & E's TV drama BREAKOUT KINGS.

In October 2011, will was cast and starred in the proof of concept for the feature film being developed by director Topaz Adizes titled, CLOSE ENOUGH.  The film was shot in New Orleans and follows war documentary photo journalist Paul Foster (Will Koberg) and his life's journey through the adrenaline charged and sometimes gruesome profession.  Will worked with Rob Steinberg 12 YEARS A SLAVE actor  Adizes takes actual recorded and photographed footage and tells the story with the fictional character played by Koberg. 

Chosen to be one of the men on THE BACHELORETTE in (2011) with Ashley, Will decided to stay true to his passion for film and TV acting, and turned down the offer to be on the popular reality TV show.  "It was a great experience going through the whole selection process and meeting all the great people behind the scenes for the show, but in the end, it wasn't for me."

Will's other recent projects include starring and co-starring roles in Step Away from the Stone (2011), the documentary Wanda The Wonderful (release date 2012), the Warner Bros. film Jonah Hex (2010).  The award winning short film Homing with Team iiWii in the 48 Hour Film Festival as well as new TV spots for AMERICAN AIRLINESJ.G. Wentworth, SPORTS CLIPS and GENGHIS GRILL airing in various markets across the U.S.  Some of Will's noted work includes; Acadiana Film Festival award winner County Line, FOX's America's Most Wanted and the 48 Hour Film Festival award winner "Audience Favorite" Whisper.